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Supplying goods of highest quality has always been the top most priority for us. Based on international standards, our quality systems ensure that our products fully comply with the standards and customer specifications. Having vast experience in this industry, we are not merely a quality-oriented supplier but also an on-time delivery partner as we meet the strictest delivery schedules.

Fricmart™ have proto type mfg. facility for the production of Brake Linings and Rubber products within-house test facility to evaluate physical, chemical, mechanical, thermo- mechanical , Tribological (Friction & wear ), ecological , fire retardation , toxicity and endurance properties using computerized Testers conforming to international standards.

We have our own state-of-the-art-testing facility to evaluate raw materials and products for physical, chemical, mechanical, thermo-mechanical properties and friction testing using, FAST, GIRLING RIG CHASE, KRAUSS & DYNO.

At Fricmart™, all products manufactured and supplied are made to OEM quality and in ISO certified facilities. Furthermore each and every shipment is fully inspected by our trained staff to ensure that only quality products leave from our premises.

Tribology  Lab  –  F.A.S.T  Tester

Tribology  Lab  –  F.A.S.T  Tester

Tribology  Lab  –  CHASE  Tester

Tribology  Lab  – CHASE Tester

  Tribology  Lab  –  KRAUSS  Tester

Krauss Tester