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Testing & R&D Services

Fricmart has developed a wide range of capabilities to support our customers’ needs. In-house capabilities include engineering design, research & development, and international service support on all of our products. In addition to our product design & development, we also offer comprehensive laboratory and brake testing services as an efficient and reliable means of providing test solutions.

We offer a wide array of testing services to evaluate product compliance with ECE, ISO, or JASO standards; or evaluate specific product characteristics, such as balance, squeal, roughness and judder, drift-pull, off-road dust intrusion, and durability. Many procedures were developed by FRICMART in cooperation with the automotive industry.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-art analytical instruments enabling it to offer the highest quality of testing services along with our broad range of testing experience, enables us to provide premier testing services to evaluate product compliance with existing standards, or assist in the development and execution of innovative test procedures.

The multi-disciplinary certified and experienced personnel team of professionals at our lab includes: Mechanicals and Administrative staff who’s qualifications, education and experience meet rigorous standards in the testing field.

Services performed in our Tribology Lab:

    Training offered :

We train competent personnel in Manufacturing & Lab for proficiency in core area viz;

1 Testing, interpretation of results, corrective action & remedies.
2 Tests include CHASE, KRAUSS, BRAKE DYNO, HARDNESS, COMPRESSIBILITY, BOND SHEAR,THERMAL EXPANSION , CBS, TRS, INTL.SHEAR and other Testers for Physical, Chemical, Mechanical, Thermo mechanical ,Instrumental and Optical Testing of standards. Friction Materials as per ISO , ECE , SAE, ASTM,BSI , JASO and other International
3 Basics & rules of formulating Friction Materials for cars, trucks , trains and off-high way/
industrial brake application.
4 Designing of Friction Material’ composition to specific vehicle / terrain’ spec.
5 Re-construction / Reverse Engg. Techniques to develop OEM formula.
6 Cause & Effects of more than 100 Raw materials , their characteristics and tribological  significance.
7 Cause & Effects of `process parameters’ and `properties’ on the final product.
8 DOE’s for cost reduction, substitution and to set up your own Friction Library .
9 4th Generation Asb.Free compounding , mixing & mfg.process techniques.
10 Trouble shooting & Investigation in mfg.process and customer complaints.
11 NVH analysis techniques and remedies using bench tests
12 Validation of process parameters & FMEA compliance.
13 SQC / OPC & Process capability compliance in manufacturing.
14 ISO 9000 / TS 16949 & ISO 17025 system compliance.


    Testing offered :                                                 Download FRICMART Testing Protocol




Sl No. Name of Test Unit Equipment Method / Std
1 Density  / Sp. Gravity gm/cc Density Balance BS: AU 142/JASO C444
2 Hardness , Rockwell HR – R,L,S Rockwell Hardness Tester – Computerized SASO / ISO 2039-2
3 Acetone Extraction %wt Soxhlet Extractor/ Analytical balance BS: AU 142/JASO C444
4 Loss on Ignition/ Ash content %wt Muffle Furnace / BS: AU 142/JASO C444
5 Water  Swell mm Analytical Balance / Micrometer IS 2742
6 Bond Shear Strength kg/cm² U.T.M  / Shear Tester , Computerized SASO / ISO  6312
7 Internal Shear / Plain shear kg/cm² U.T.M – Computerized ISO  6311 / SASO 989
8 Cross Breaking  (CBS ) / Transverse kg/cm² U.T.M – Computerized IS 2742/
Rupture strength ( TRS ) BS: AU 142
9 Coeff. of Friction & wear F C T R / CHASE  Friction & Wear Tester – Computerized
Normal friction coeff. mue BS: AU 142/SAE J661
Hot friction coeff. mue BS: AU 142/SAE J661
Rating Edge code ISO 7881/ IS 2742
wear in thickness mm JASO  C418 /
wear in  weight grams SAE  J 866 ( Edge Code )
10 Coeff. of Friction & wear C S T R / KRAUSS Friction  & Wear Tester –
SASO 90 /ECE-R 90
(Annex- 8 )
Cold friction coeff. mue
Min. friction coeff. mue
Operation friction coeff. mue
wear in thickness mm
wear in  weight grams
Note:  Facility for  Heat Expansion & Compressiblity Test as per ISO 6313 & 6310   is under progress
             B.  POLYMERS
1 Limiting Oxygen Index O₂   No. Oxygen Index Apparatus ISO 13501
2 Detorioration of visibility
due to Smoke ( Smoke Visibility )
Class Smoke Visibility Tester UIC  564-2
3 Resistance to spread Flame
( Flammability Test )
Class Flammability Tester UIC  564-2
4 Resistance to  Ozone physical Ozone Chamber ISO 1431
5 Toxicity Index T value Toxicity  Chamber NCD  1409
6 Tensile  &  Elongation N/cm² % Tensometer – computerized ISO  188 / ISO 37
7 Tear Resistance N/Cm² Tensometer – computerized UIC  845 R
8 Flexibility % Tensometer – computerized UIC  845 R
9 Abrasion Resistance mm³ Abrasion Tester UIC  845 R
10 Ageing / Cold chamber Test physical Cold Chamber UIC  845 R
11 Durometer  Hardness shore A Shore Hardness Tester ISO  48
12 Compression Modulus Y / F U.T.M – Computerized
13 Polymer identification Class Analytical  Apparatus ASTM
             C. ASBESTOS  IDENTIFICATION                                   Note : Facility under progress
1 Identification  &  Qualitative
determination of Asbestos  fibres
Microscopy & analytical methods
Polarized Light  Microscopy/Stereo
in bulk  materials   using  PLM
Computerized / Digital Polarized Light
Microscope, Stereo Microscope and
Analytical Apparatus
ISO  22262 – 1